PowerG Wireless Outdoor Magnetic Contact PG8312

PG8312 – PowerSeries Neo, PowerSeries Pro and IQpanel.

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Produsent: DSC
E-Nummer: 6309974
Produktnummer: 118492
Lagertype: Lagervare
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PG8312 – PowerSeries Neo, PowerSeries Pro and IQpanel

Provides exceptional outdoor protection of windows, gates, and doors

Ensures reliable performance using built-in PowerG leading-edge wireless intrusion technology, with two-way communication

Extra-long transmission range makes it suited for very large properties

Operates dependably in extreme weather and harsh environmental conditions (IP66 certified)

Wide gap tolerance reduces false alarms, and makes installation easier

elivers long-lasting security with a battery life of up to 5 years (with typical use)

Fast and convenient auto-enrollment, with a pull tab Battery can be replaced without removing the device

Easily concealed, with a paintable exterior casing that can be matched to different surfaces

Complies with the strict security standard EN Grade 2

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