MxPro5020 Ekstern betjening

Produsent: Advanced
Produktnummer: 115378
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  • The RCT has additional sector based control keys for Silence,Mute, Resound and Reset, which allows other networkedpanels to selectively respond to controls as programmed. E.g.on a site with multiple buildings, a user may be allowed tosilence and reset fires originating in their own building. Firesoriginating from other buildings are displayed but cannot bereset.
  • Fully on-site programmable via onboard alphanumeric keypador PC configuration tools.
  • View all information from across the network
  • By using flash memory and an advanced graphical display theremote terminals can be easily configured to operate invirtually any language, with any character set and allows forthe installer’s logo and company details to be displayed on theLCD display during normal operation.
  • Networked for System Display or Control
  • Programmable switch input
  • Graphical LCD display
  • Ad-NeT/Ad-NeT+ compatible
  • Slide-in labels
  • Small, robust and compact
  • 24V DC operating voltage
  • 3-year warranty
  • Disable/enable options

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