Glass Break Detector Acoustic AD800-AM

Acoustic glass break detector with active anti-masking function.

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Produsent: Alarmtech
E-Nummer: 6309449
Produktnummer: 116511
Lagertype: Lagervare
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Acoustic glass break detector with active anti-masking function.

The AD 800-AM Acoustic Glass Break Detector is a modern tool for detecting any attempt to enter a protected area by breaking glass window or door pane.

It is developed based on the latest microcomputer technology with a number of advanced algorithms connected to the acoustics of the room (digital room compensation DRC). Due to these algorithms, the detector can precisely distinguish the signal of breaking glass from other noise signals and provides 100% resistance to false alarm sources.

The AD 800-AM is equipped with an anti-masking function (AM) with a separate relay for added security. In case of sabotage to either microphone or AM-signal generator, the detector will give an AM-alarm. It is for indoor use and can be mounted either on the ceiling or on the wall, opposite to the protected window(s). Coverage range is 165°, which means the detector can protect several windows in one room.

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