Neo Mobile Alarm Kit 3G




Neo Fast Deployment Case 3G is a completely mobile solution optimized for harsh environments such as construction sites, industries and areas of critical infrastructure.  Quickly establish a perimeter around the protected object and position camera detectors at strategic intrusion points for visual verification to monitoring station, enabling fast and accurate deployment. The wireless protocol PowerG gives unrivaled wireless performance and the system can easily be fitted with wireless repeaters when needed.   

With a complete range of wireless peripherals the options are endless:

  • Universal transmitter Neo Wireless Contact PG8945 combined with the OPTEX range of battery powered detectors for outdoor use gives early detection of perimeter breach.
  • Use Neo Wireless Smoke Detector PG8926 in premises lacking permanent fire/evacuation system where persons will stay temporarily.
  • Strategically installed cameradetectors enabling fast and reliable visual verification, for both indoor and outdoor use, choose Neo Wireless PIR Cam PG8934/8944. 
  • Use personal attack buttons Neo Wireless Panic PG8949/8938 for lone workers or staff protection.

Neo Fast Deployment Solution 3G contains: 

  • Neo control panel with up to 32 zones
  • Neo wired keypad with built-in transceiver
  • Neo communicator 3G (simcard sold separately)
  • Battery, transformer and power cord with EU plug.

Quick info:

  • 32 wireless zones (max 10 PIR Cams)
  • PowerG 868MHz
  • Up to 8 keypads and 32 wireless keyfobs
  • Up to 8 wireless sirens
  • Up to 8 wireless repeaters
  • 72 usercodes
  • Integrated comunicator with 3G compatible with app Powerseries Neo Go
  • Pre-cut containment units for 4 PIR detectors, 1 univers transmitter, 1 repeater/indoor siren and 1 general storage space 



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Navn Neo Mobile Alarm Kit 3G
E-number 6309477
Produsent TELETEC

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