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Press release - VCA Technology forges partnership with Teletec!

Press release - VCA Technology forges partnership with Teletec!

27 Sep, 2023
Lisa Törnbrant


29th September 2023 — VCA Technology, a leading provider of cutting-edge video analytics and surveillance solutions, is delighted to unveil its strategic collaboration With Teletec, a highly esteemed distributor in the Nordic region. This partnership is poised to elevate VCA Technology's market presence and enhance the availability of advanced security technology throughout the Nordics.


Teletec, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, has a distinguished reputation as a distributor of security, surveillance, and communication products across the Nordic countries. With a proven track record of delivering innovative and reliable solutions, Teletec is perfectly positioned to represent VCA Technology's sophisticated video analytics technology, IP cameras and server hardware in the Nordic region.


VCA Technology offers an expansive suite of intelligent video analytics solutions that significantly enhance the efficacy of surveillance systems. These solutions encompass advanced video content analysis, facial recognition, license Plate recognition, and more. The cutting edge IP camera offer on camera (Edge) abilty to run their analytics and act as an Network Optix server. Through this partnership With Teletec, VCA Technology is committed to providing businesses, government entities, and organizations in the Nordics With access to state-of-the- art video analytics tools that bolster security, safety, and operational efficiency.


This collaboration is founded on the belief that advanced security solutions should be accessible to all organizations in the Nordics. Teletec Will serve as the exclusive distributor of VCA Technology's products, offering local expertise, support, and technical knowledge to ensure the seamless integration of these cutting-edge technologies into the Nordic market. In the pursuit of comprehensive security solutions, Network Optix, a key technology partner, Will play a crucial role in this partnership by offering its NX Witness Video Management System (VMS).

NX Witness is a highly scalable, open-architecture VMS that seamlessly integrates With VCA Technology's video analytics solutions. This integration empowers Teletec to provide end-to-end security solutions that cater to the specific needs of customers in the Nordics.

Paul Thomas, European Sales Manager at VCA Technology, expressed enthusiasm about this partnership, stating:

 "We are thrilled to join forces With Teletec to expand our presence in the Nordic region. Teletec's reputation for excellence and Network Optix's powerful VMS platform perfectly align With our mission to deliver cutting-edge video analytics technology. Together, we are well-equipped to provide customers in the Nordics With top-tier security solutions."


Peter Freander, CEO at Teletec, added,

"Teletec is dedicated to offering our customers the most advanced security solutions available. Partnering With VCA Technology and Network Optix enables us to bring cutting-edge video analytics capabilities to our customers, enhancing their security and surveillance operations."

This partnership signifies a significant milestone for VCA Technology in the Nordic market, underlining the company's commitment to delivering innovative and intelligent video analytics solutions on a global scale.

About VCA Technology:

VCA Technology is a leading provider of intelligent video analytics and surveillance solutions. With a strong focus on innovation and technological excellence, VCA Technology empowers organizations worldwide to enhance security, optimize operations, and make informed decisions through advanced video analytics. For more information, please visit 

About Teletec:

Teletec is a trusted distributor of security, surveillance, and communication products, serving the Nordic region.

With a commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, Teletec has earned a reputation for excellence in the industry. For more information, please visit 

About Network Optix:

Network Optix is the developer of NX Witness, a powerful, open-architecture Video Management System (VMS). NX Witness is designed to meet the diverse needs of security and surveillance professionals, providing advanced video management capabilities. For more information, please visit 

Paul Thomas from VCA talks about the collaboration!

27 Sep, 2023
Written by: Lisa Törnbrant